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For more than 17 years AIK companies group has been executing projects of open field drip irrigation and greenhouse building and renovation.
For successful production of vegetable, cultivated and berry cultures, grapes and flowers, you need to have the possibility to receive stably high yield at low cost, good quality and minimal risks. On todays conditions in agriculture the intense growing technologies are more important then ever. The most important components of such technologies are the drip irrigation systems. Drip irrigation systems are providing higher yield of better quality and reduce the weather risks.

AIK company designs, produces, delivers, installs and maintains drip irrigation and fertigation systems for open field and greenhouses. We also build and reconstruct greenhouses. Our drip irrigation and fertigation systems allow our customers to achieve best growing results by providing the very precise irrigation and fertilizing. At the same time the drip irrigation and fertigation system of a high quality saves water, energy, fertilizers and labor. This is why our projects are quickly repaid and bring profit to the customer.

Precise individual designing of each drip irrigation system which is done by our design department with special equipment allows representing of the highest quality drip irrigation and fertigation system at acceptable prices as ideal solution for the certain projects requirements.

In the context of greenhouse projects we are happy to help you in complex greenhouses planning including greenhouses construction, drip irrigation, automatics, heating, climate control systems, curtaining systems, booster light systems, C2 systems, automated separation and packing lines etc. Well also select, deliver and install equipment that is optimal for a certain project both by price and by quality.

For successful drip irrigation systems and other equipment selection our customers receive consultation of the agronomists who specialize in respective cultures growing with using of intensive technologies. Besides, our projects include agronomic support that allows our customers to receive maximum effect of drip irrigation.

Were always glad to have new partners and customers and with pleasure continue the geographical widening of our activity. At the same time our goal is to make our cooperation with each of you as long-term as possible. Our company works together with most of our customers for a long time installing more and more drip irrigation systems and hectares of greenhouses every year. This approach allows us to remain leaders in the sphere of drip and sprinkler irrigation and greenhouses projects in the territory of CIS during all the recent years.

Hope for productive cooperation with you!
A.I.K. Company team.

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